A leading European manufacturer of zero-emission heating systems based on heating films, infrared heaters, and electric heating mats

We have been developing infrared heating technology since 2004. Heat Decor electric heaters have been providing healthy warmth to thousands of families in Europe and around the world for many years.

Our flagship products – innovative infrared films – are installed as the main electric floor, ceiling, and wall heating in new homes that meet current thermal insulation requirements and as a key element of thermal modernization.

Our mission is dust-free and CO2-free heating at the lowest installation costs in its category, aesthetic layout, cost-free operation, and accessibility.

Technology is making the future green. The technology of Heat Decor.


The heating foil is a thin and flexible infrared electric heater that comes in a variety of widths and heating powers. The main carrier of heat and infrared in the heating foil is a mixture of graphite, the density and proportions of which provide the appropriate heating power. Heating films are mainly used for underfloor and wall heating in single-family houses, apartments, offices, public buildings and warehouses. Heating foils are also used as a heat source in industrial solutions or many other individual heating projects, where high heating precision, heating speed, heating area, flexibility of the radiator and safety of use are important.


Floor heating with infrared heating foils directly under the floor panels is currently the most popular electric heating system in residential construction. The great popularity of this heating system results from the reasonable operating costs of the heating films and the small investment outlays in relation to other heating systems.
Floor coverings made of laminated panels are the most frequently chosen finishing materials used in the living room, kitchen, bedroom, room or office. It is characterized by a low purchase price, a very wide range of colors and a very simple assembly. Laminated panels are also a great cladding for underfloor heating with heating foils. The floor panels used for underfloor heating with heating foils are mounted in a floating system with a so-called lock.
The installation of the floor panels in a floating system allows for very precise installation of the heating foil on practically the entire surface of the room, creating surface heating. Such a covering of the heating foil allows even temperature distribution throughout the room and heating work at low temperatures, which translates into comfort of use and a stable temperature of the floor


Underfloor heating with heating foils under the spout is mainly used in newly designed residential and office buildings, industrial halls or facilities intended for major renovation. Underfloor heating under the spout is dedicated to continuous operation as the basic heating system for space heating. In houses and apartments, the heating foil under the spout is installed in every room, starting from the living room, kitchen, rooms, corridors and bathrooms. Heating foils in combination with an anhydrite or cement screed form a storage heater system. When the screed heats up, heat is distributed evenly over the entire surface of the floor, giving the effect of a uniform heating plate. The accumulated heat is released into the room inertly over a long period of time. The heating foil maintains a stable temperature of the floor, ensuring comfort of use. Underfloor heating with a heating foil under the screed, unlike typical water underfloor heating systems, is characterized by the fact that the temperature change in the room and the floor temperature takes place in a shorter time,


Heating with a heating fILM under the mirror is dedicated to the rapid evaporation of water vapor from the mirror surface. The installation of the heating foil or colloquially known as a heating mat can be done in the bathroom or other rooms where we plan to install a mirror.
Under-mirror heating can also be used as the main or additional heat source for space heating. We install the heating foil and the mirror on a wall made of plasterboard or OSB, MFP and plywood boards using the technology of gluing with the Heat Decor HD-G01 glue. On the prepared wall, on which the mirror will be installed, glue the heating foil over its full surface. Heat Decor HD-G01 adhesive is in the form of an aerosol, which facilitates its application. Spray the adhesive on the heating and wall foil, wait 5 minutes for the adhesive to dry. After the glue dries, glue the heating foil to the wall. The next step is to glue the mirror. The mirror is also glued with Heat Decor HD-G01 glue. Apply the glue on the surface of the heating foil and then on the mirror surface. After the glue comes out, glue the mirror


The heating mat is a thin electric heating cable mounted on a self-adhesive glass fiber mesh used for underfloor heating. HD-mat heating mats are very thin and durable thanks to their design and the use of high-class external insulation made of FEP (Teflon). The components used also affect the longer life of the heating mats and ensure safe and trouble-free operation.
The construction of the HD-mat heating mat makes the heating cable slightly flat and very thin with a thickness of 2 × 3 mm, which allows the installation of the heating mat in places where we have limited height possibilities on the floor. The thin structure of the HD-mat heating mat also reduces the consumption of glue or self-leveling mass, which lowers the installation costs.
The HD-mat heating mat is self-adhesive, which facilitates the installation of the heating system, and the heating cables mounted on a glass fiber mesh are very flexible and resilient with a limited memory for deformation


The heating mat under the tiles is the most frequently used electric underfloor heating in bathrooms, toilets, corridors or kitchens. We use heating mats in places where we want to obtain the effect of a warm floor or heating comfort in the room. Heating technology based on resistance heating has been known for many years. It is very popular due to the long life of the heating system, affordable price and easy installation. Electric heating mats are installed directly on the concrete screed, OSB / MFP boards, plywood or on thermal insulation made of ready-made XPS boards coated with glue.
The installation of the mat itself is very simple, because the glass fiber mesh on which the heating cables are mounted is self-adhesive, which allows easy sticking of the heating mat to the substrate. The heating mat can be placed in any direction by cutting through the glass fiber mesh. We use fully flexible adhesives for gluing heating mats and tiles


Decorative heating panels with a tasteful appearance, providing warmth. They are used as basic or additional heating equipment for heating residential and public buildings. Effective and economical infrared heaters have a positive effect on the health of users.
Infrared heaters are one of the most modern and healthiest heating methods that emit heat similar to sunlight. The infrared waves emitted from the heater are absorbed by walls, objects and people. Then the heat is evenly distributed to the environment. In the case of traditional heating, the heat is first directed upwards and warms up the higher parts of the room, and then the lower ones, while excessively drying the air


The selection of the appropriate heating control is of key importance in terms of the correct and economic operation of the heating system. To choose the right control of underfloor heating or control of electric heaters, factors such as lifestyle, ease of regulating the heating system or the age of the person who will be using the heating contribute to this.
Depending on the user’s needs, it is possible to use thermostats that control heating from the phone application or simpler thermostats with manual temperature setting on the thermostat display and programming of heating cycles. Temperature regulators with mechanical control via a knob will be suitable for the least demanding people or the elderly

Infrared electric heating – films, kits with heating films, thermostats and accessories

If you are looking for alternative heating techniques that are ecological and economical while maintaining high thermal parameters, you’ve come to the right address! Heat Decor is modern electric  infrared heating systems  for an apartment, house and the needs of entrepreneurs!

Why is it worth to bet on  heating that uses infrared waves? In contrast to conventional convection methods, the air does not dry out or dust is raised. In addition, the entire room and all objects inside are evenly insulated, which translates into  lower energy consumption  while increasing the thermal comfort of users.

For our clients, we have prepared a wide range of products that fully meet the needs and expectations of modern architecture. The basis of the assortment are foils, heating mats and electric heaters. The first two of these categories are products intended for zoned  floor and wall heating  . In turn, the radiators are a classic wall-mounted solution in a technologically advanced edition. In addition, there is a wide selection of modern wired and wireless thermostats (equipped with a WiFi module), as well as all the necessary installation accessories.